The jobs new students want

A major survey of career-searches finds Australians want working lives that are solid, secure and virus-resistant.

Creating great resource for post school recruiters, the Good Universities Guide and HE marketing consultant Twig Marketing analysed millions of on-line career-search inquiries over 18 months to find big changes in what people aspire to.

Some are directly driven by what the pandemic permits. There was a 40 per cent drop in travel-related careers.

Other changes appear grounded in peoples’ experience of lockdowns. Interest was up in outdoor jobs and trades but down for office-work, too much Zoom can do that. Endless on-line classes might also be why the appeal of “university lecturer” dropped from 19th to 40th place with aspiring academics fearing that what they saw might be what they become. But demand was up for front-line medicine and health, interest in psychology and nursing increased.


Tim Winkler

Market Data Analysis

You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are. This visualisation of commencing undergraduate student numbers addresses questions that must be answered before setting marketing activities in train. Contact us to learn how we can unpack the numbers for you.

What characterises your enrolment profile?
Is your market growing?
Are you participating in the largest segment of your market?
Is your profile spread evenly across core segments?
Who are your key competitors?

Territory Data Analysis

This visualisation identifies domestic undergraduate catchment areas for Australian universities by field of study and entrance score. Use this insight to identify your most important territories and develop an understanding about where you’re losing enrolments to competitors.

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International Territory Data Analysis

The best preparation for a post-Covid international market is a deep analysis of what brought students to Australia before the pandemic took hold. This visualisation identifies where these international students came from and which subjects they enrolled in. This data can be filtered by field of study and combined with real time website stats from Studies in Australia to show what courses are trending and from what locations. In this sample, we show the results for Health Services.

This data can be cut up by and field of study and combined with real time website stats from Studies in Australia to show what courses are trending and from what locations.

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Rankings Insights

With access to historical and new rankings data provided by The Good Universities Guide, we offer a full break-down and analysis of your rating results. This includes the strengths, characteristics and opportunities associated with your ratings, plus an analysis of your key competitors by ratings to identify weaknesses and gaps.

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Live Insights into Australian Students Career Interest - The Good Universities Guide

With over 3 million career views on The Good Universities Guide generated by Australian students, we have insight into current career trends within the Australian market. We can identify the career pathways students are most interested in, which institutions offer the courses that can lead to those careers and how are those views tracking over time. This data can also be broken by location of users to identify different industries that are trending in different locations.

Contact us to learn about the careers that students from your catchment area are most interested in.

Trending Courses in Australia - The Good Universities Guide

With over 100,000+ course views generated each month from students in Australia, Good Education Media can provide an analysis of the current market trends when it comes to what courses students are looking at, where are they located and how has this trend changed over time.

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